Who We Are

Academic Consulting and Editorial Services (ACES) Private Limited is a company incorporated in India since 2011 providing copyediting, project management and consulting services to academic authors worldwide. ACES is a group company of the Singapore-based World Scientific Group (www.worldscientific.com). The teams at ACES work closely with several arms and imprints of World Scientific and other global centres to provide the best services to their clients.

ACES team comprises a young and energetic group of book/journal editors, quality assurance specialists, managerial and marketing staff. Each process team consists of a balanced combination of experience and fresh skills in key publishing processes. The editorial and quality assurance teams constitute graduates, postgraduates, doctorates, researchers pursuing doctorate across various subjects from reputed institutions in India.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality consulting, editorial and project management services for creators and disseminators of academic, scientific and research publications worldwide.

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