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ACES provides complete self-publication support packages to support international publishing requirements of authors and researchers around the world. Our self-publishing support consulting service packages provide full service support to authors right from submission of author manuscript to final online/print production covering all in-between production services/stages such as copyediting, proofreading, author revision stages, collation, indexing, and all-around communication with all stakeholders involved in the project. All our Editors have immense experience in handling the publication process of international journals/books. They ensure all publication steps are followed during the production process for every project allotted to them. Our subject experts highlight any illogical or glaring errors in the manuscript to the attention of the authors and ensure these inconsistencies are eliminated and manuscript finally adheres to international publishing standards. We guarantee that the expected turnaround times for all publication stages are always strictly followed and all services are delivered to you on agreed dates. We continue to be in the communication loop until the project is finalized and sent for final printing.

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