I have a book which I would like to submit for review and publication. Who should I contact with the details to get a proposal / quote?

Please visit our Get A Quote page and submit your details. We will contact you to understand your requirements in detail and submit a quote as soon as possible.

I have a book project ready for processing. However, the source files are in LaTeX format. Do you accept this format of files for production? What are the most common source file types ACES accepts for production?

ACES accepts word, PDF, TeX, and LaTeX file formats for production. Please feel free to send us the LaTeX source files and the project details to us. We will review the requirements and get back to you soon.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the production of my book? Will I get a chance to review my proof and submit revisions during the course of production?

ACES assigns one Production Editor to each project submitted and thus provides a single point of contact throughout the production of a book. Authors hereby can access all information they require from time to time during the production cycle from the assigned Production Editor who is the Project Manager in charge of coordination of the end-to-end project flow.

At every production stage, we will certainly seek your feedback, revisions and approval on layout and content of the proofs generated. The first proof and intermediary review stages will give authors enough opportunities to review the typeset proofs in detail and supply necessary revisions to be implemented before finalization of proof.

I am a researcher and I have an accepted manuscript which should be ready for submission in a short time. I need this book printed for a conference within the next few months. Could you advise on your production schedules and throw light on how long the production of my book would take? What are the average turnaround times and schedules you provide from receipt of manuscript till print/online production?

Depending upon the schedule requirements, we classify projects into fast track and normal track turnaround projects. A normal turnaround project takes 6-8 months to reach the print/online publication stage and a fast track project takes 3-4 months to get ready for print/online production. Upon formal commencement of a project, the book editor will send a detailed introductory email to author highlighting the detailed schedules/working days required for each production stage including sample chapter, first proof, revised proof, final proof and print/online delivery stages. We are flexible throughout each stage of production and always work towards deadlines agreed with the authors/publishers.

I have a video containing lectures on different topics by some Professors and would like to transcribe and convert the whole set into a book. Do you offer these services? If yes, what is the cost involved?

ACES undertakes transcription and subsequent book production requirements. Please supply the video files you have and we will get back on the quote after a detailed analysis of requirements and manhours involved in achieving the deliverables required for your project.

I have some articles published elsewhere that I would like to collate and reprint/reformat with a new publisher? Do you accept such requests? Should I submit formal permission documents to you for acceptance of such a project?

ACES has immense experience in handling reprint, CRC and reformatting projects, and we accept all such submissions for production. For such projects, we will certainly require authors to submit all required copyright permissions for respective articles from publishers who published the papers previously.

Do you handle projects/files in languages other than English? If yes, which other languages? Do you also provide QA/proofreading services in those languages?

Currently, all our services are catered only to English language content. We are looking at options of partnering with specific language experts to cater to non-English language requirements and will update the information on our website as soon as we have a team ready to undertake such projects.

Who do I contact for ordering bulk purchases of my books published via ACES/World Scientific?

You can contact your ACES Production Editor who will put you in touch with our marketing team in Singapore responsible for processing purchase orders.

What formats of figure files do you accept for production?

We accept a variety of figure file formats such as gif, jpg, png, eps, pdf, xls (for graphs), doc, etc.

What are your payment terms and what payment options do you provide?

We accept payments via PayPal and wireless bank transfer. You can also make payments via our payment gateway on the website. As soon as your project is completed we will send you an email with the project invoice and a link to payment options from where you can choose your preferred mode of payment.

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