Festschrift Presentation: Particles, Fields and Topology: Celebrating A P Balachandran at Bal-Fest Conference, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, organized the Bal-Fest Conference from January 6th to 11th 2023 to honour the contributions of A.P. Balachandran (Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Syracuse University, USA) who has a long and impressive record of research in particle physics and quantum field theory, bringing concepts of geometry, topology and operator algebras to the analysis of physical problems, particularly in particle physics and condensed matter physics. He has also had an influential role within the physics community not only in terms of a large number of students, research associates and collaborators but also serving on the editorial boards of important publications, including the International Journal of Modern Physics A. This festschrift was presented to Prof. A.P. Balachandran during the event by Ms. Ranjana Rajan of World Scientific. Dignitaries who graced the function included the editors of the book (in the order of their appearance, picture on your right, L-R), Parameswaran Nair, Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics, The City College of New York, USA; Sachindeo Vaidya, Professor of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India; Denjoe O’Connor, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Study, Dublin, Ireland; A.P. Balachandran; Sarada G. Rajeev, Professor of Physics and Professor of Mathematics, University of Rochester, USA; T.R. Govindarajan, Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Editor Giuseppe Marmo, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Federico II University of Naples, Italy, also participated virtually.

Professor A.P. Balachandran extended his appreciation to Dr. K.K. Phua, Chairman, World Scientific Publishing for the publication of this invaluable book containing chapters by his students and associates.

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