Project Management

Personalized, client-focussed and project-centric approach

ACES offers end-to-end project management services covering an all-inclusive full service project management communication support to publishers worldwide. Our dedicated Book/Journal Editors manage international projects and work closely with editors, authors, reviewers, publishers, printers and various other stakeholders involved in the overall publication process. ACES provides a single point of contact for each project who ensures communication channels are clear with absolute focus on client requirements. This client-focussed approach assures smooth project/workflow management and makes sure that there are no communication gaps. Some key functions performed by the dedicated resource for every project under production are

Communicate whenever required via email, phone, skype video calls with authors and various others involved in the project to ensure that the project progresses through each production stage smoothly.

Maintain project trackers listing the various milestones of a project starting from receipt of manuscript to final print production stage.

Ensure all queries are addressed and anomalies are resolved on time during production.

Provide status updates to author, editor, publisher and all other stakeholders.

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