Copy Editing

At ACES, we strive to make your manuscripts precise and conforming to internationally accepted industry norms with respect to style, language and overall presentability. Our full-fledged copyediting of manuscripts involves the following tasks:

Checking that the front matter of the manuscript is complete and in conformance to publisher style requirements. All components of the front matter including title, subtitle, abstract, keywords, title pages, copyright pages, dedication, preface, Author info, etc. are reviewed in detail for accuracy and style.
Checking the various elements, such as spellings (UK/US), abbreviations/expansions, capitalization, section headings, paragraphs, etc. in the body of the manuscript and ensuring that these are accurate and consistent in conformance to publisher style guidelines.
Checking the layout of manuscript for the correct dimensions and placement of illustrations, tables, boxes, plates, schemes, structures, lists, quotes, headlines, paras, etc. Most of the content we receive include graphs, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, tables, other visuals and multimedia components. We ensure all these elements follow publisher guidelines and are perfect for publication with respect to varied specifications such as size, resolution, colours, file type, fonts and colours, alignment, placement, formatting and consecutive text citations.
Checking the backmatter of the manuscript and ensuring consistency in reference styling and confirming that the references in the list match with the text citations. Detailed checks are performed against the required reference style guide (Numbered/Name Date/APA) to ensure that direct/indirect citations and the bibliographical list is output as per the standard style.
Communicate with author via Author Query Form and emails to seek approvals on major edits carried out and to gather various details required during the editorial production process.

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