Our Approach

ACES is a specialist enterprise providing a full range of consulting, editing, proofreading, project management and other publishing support services for scholarly books, journals and major reference works.

ACES occupies a niche position in the publishing services business as our expert teams offer on-time full-service project management support which meets the expectations of both authors and publishers.

Publishing a manuscript is always a labour of love, and at ACES we passionately share the work from the moment we receive the manuscript from our authors.

The process of publishing, from copyediting to print-ready PDFs, may take from a few weeks to many months, and we significantly contribute throughout the process.

We stand apart from our competitors through dedicating a specific resource person who coordinates with the author and publisher for each project from day one while also working with our team of dedicated publishing professionals who are well versed in your subject and have several years of publishing experience.

ACES strives to provide the best possible project management services including answering all your queries promptly and making sure your requirements are accurately communicated to the assigned production team.

You are invited to join us in our endeavour to make your words resonate throughout the entire world, error free and on time!

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