ACES Teams

Book/Journal Editors

Our journal and book editorial teams handle content across various subject categories and complexities. They are well versed in dealing with international publications, high profile projects and reputed authors. Each editor is competent to single-handedly manage a full service publication project. Our teams are also proficient in copyediting journal articles and book chapters of varied styles and intricacies. They also have exposure to end-to-end journal/book publication process and project management and are proficient in resolving issues cropping up from time to time during the publishing process cycle. Freshers are provided rigorous training in all core publishing processes (initial analysis, style sheet preparation, copyediting, proofreading) by our expert trainers and mentors both in India and Singapore.

Quality Assurance Specialists

QA specialists at ACES are well versed in international proofreading and quality control standards and possess sound editorial judgement and attention to detail. The QA team members also have vast knowledge in typography, layout check and various journal/book styles and specifications.

Administration Staff

Our administrative staff are responsible for processes such as upload/download of files, MIS updates, printing and basic job study of files upon receipt. They provide the much needed support to our QAs and Editors so that these teams can focus on their core responsibilities.

Marketing Staff

Our marketing team focuses on market research and marketing activities pre and post publication of a project. This team has a knowledge base across disciplines and is experienced and competent in marketing and sales of prestigious journals and books.